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Amnesia: The Dark Descent FAQ / Tutorial

octubre 21, 2021
Amnesia: The Dark Descent FAQ / Tutorial | GamesRadar +

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********************************************************************** Title: Amnesia: The Dark Descent Date: September 13, 2010 System: PC, Mac Author: Adenosine E-mail: [email protected] (Remove [email protected] to contact me). Version: 1.10 ********************************************************************** History: V 1.10 - September 13, 2010, Added another solution to "Escape From The Cell" - Added "Cell Escape Solution 2" V 1.00 - September 13, 2010 Table of Contents: Part 1 - Introduction - Preparation - Basic Controls - Basic Strategy Part 2 I. Following The Liquid Trail II. Secret Door in the Local History Room III. Exiting The Archives IV. Trip to The Laboratory V. Chemical Hunting VI. Creating The Acid VII. Trip to The Refinery VIII. Cellar Archives IX. Back Hall X. The Machine Room Key XI. Elevator Parts Hunting XII. Fixing The Elevator XIII. Prison Exploration XIV. Prison Northern Block Exploration XV. Cistern Exploration XVI. Cistern Control Room XVII. Morgue and The Vaccine XVIII. Sewer Exploration XIX. Escape From the Sewer XX. Nave Exploration XXI. Collecting The Orb Pieces and Agrippa's Tonic Ingredients XXII. Escape From The Cell XXIII. Making Agrippa's Tonic XXIV. Assembling The Orb XXV. Facing Alexander Part 3 - Extras - Thanks Part 4 - Copyright Information *************************************************************************** Part 1 *************************************************************************** ------------- Introduction: ------------- Hello once more horror fans! Welcome to Amnesia: The Dark Descent! This is truly a game that can give you genuine fear from start to finish. You play as Daniel, a man who wakes up in a castle and has no recollection of what he is doing there or who he is. His only reality is that there is no other way out and he has to explore the castle on his own in an effort to uncover the mystery of his lost memories and the castle itself. The game is very atmospheric. Rays of light penetrate the beautiful windows of the castle early on, only to be replaced by an embracing darkness as you make progress in the castle. Creepy sounds such as the gust of wind blowing to creaking doors can be heard. Are you truly alone in this castle, or is there someone else? Tension builds slowly as moans and angry howls start to be heard. What is it that is making those sounds? Why is the source getting nearer and nearer? You know that whatever it is, you don't want to be seen by it. Where can you hide? The darkness that is the source of your fear will have to do as your temporary security blanket as whatever it is hunting you passes by nearby. Fortunately for you, there are candles and lamps that you can light up in the castle to make your exploration less taxing, but for how long can you keep your sanity? Were the things you heard just your imaginings? Was that figure that saw slowly shambling around the corner just a product of your anxiety? Whatever happens, there is only one way to learn the truth, and that is to gather as much courage as you can and brave on into the darkness. ------------ Preparation: ------------ The first thing that you have to know about this game is that there is no way of fighting back against whatever thing it is that is hunting you. Your only options are to run away or hide in a room or a closet. Sometimes, you can also hide in the corner where there is darkness to avoid being detected. Sanity plays a big role in the game. The more you stay in dark areas without a light, the worse your sanity gets. Sanity is represented in the game by how clear your vision is and how easy you are to control. The worse the condition of your sanity is, the more your vision tends to blur and become wavy, and you become harder to move around, as if you're drunk. Your sanity is sometimes forced by the game as part of an important situation, but sometimes you can recover it slowly by staying near lights. Before you begin exploring the castle, it is important to make sure that the key configuration suits you well. Make sure that the controls to running, leaning left/right, crouching, and bringing up the lantern are easy for you to do. --------------- Basic Controls: --------------- You are just a simple human being with amnesia. You have no super powers, and you don't even know how to use weapons. Your only hope of survival is through your stealth, agility, and intelligence. Picking Up Objects - left click on anything where your mouse cursor becomes a hand and you will be able to pick it up by moving the mouse. Moving Picked Up Objects Nearer Or Away - left click on anything where your mouse cursor becomes a hand, click on the thing to pick it up, and then move the mouse wheel towards or away from you to move the object the same. Throwing Objects - pick up any object and then right click. Moving Objects - some objects are too heavy to pick up, such as huge rocks and wood used as framework. To move heavy objects, left click on it and then move in the direction you want to push or pull it. Running - simply hold down the run key as you move around. --------------- Basic Strategy: --------------- 1. When staying in a room, always close the door behind you. You never know when a monster might suddenly wander around nearby and spot you. It is good practice to always shut the door behind you to avoid being discovered. Even if a monster senses you and starts making sounds, it'll take a few seconds for it to break down the door to your room, giving you enough time to hopefully hide in a dark corner or inside a cabinet. 2. Always leave one of a cabinet's door open. When you are in a room, find a cabinet and leave one of its doors open. If ever you hear a monster approaching, you can quickly hide inside and wait until the monster leaves the room. 3. Always leave doors to potential hiding places open. As you explore the castle, you will encounter long hallways. There are times in the game when a monster will suddenly wander around and you'll have to quickly find a hiding place. Having the doors already open will save you time so that all you have to do is concentrate on shutting the door tight behind you and quickly finding a dark corner or a cabinet to hide in. 4. Conserve tinderboxes and oil. Tinderboxes are used to light up candles and lamps, while oil is used to light up your portable oil lamp. You will only be able to find a few of these so don't waste them all in just one area. 5. Light up important areas. Since you are on limited supply of tinderboxes and oil, only light up areas that could serve as a place to regain your sanity. Good places to light up are inside rooms where it's relatively safe so that you can actually spend some time regaining sanity, and corners of hallways so that you'll have a better view of what might be there. 6. Open all drawers, check behind/under grouped objects. Some tinderboxes and oil can be found inside drawers or behind objects that are grouped together, such as barrels. Always open and check behind or under anything that could be moved to find these important supplies. 7. Don't panic. It's dark and you think you saw a monster. Don't panic because it will cause you to make mistakes or even bump into the thing. Just remember that you have a plan for such situations, such as quickly hiding into a nearby room which you already prepared beforehand. *************************************************************************** Part 2 *************************************************************************** ***************************** I. Following The Liquid Trail ***************************** After starting the game, we find out that Daniel is in a hazy state. He's trying to force himself remember stuff, such as where he lives and what his name is. He also says that his mission is the kill Alexander. After walking around, he falls unconscious. Later on, he wakes up and you gain control of him. Look around you. Something will be written to your journal. Press J to open your journal and then choose Mementos. This is where your current objectives are listed. Currently, it tells you to "Follow the liquid trail and its sources." Before we follow the trail, beside you is a door. Go near the door and left click on it and hold it. Move your mouse forward and backward to get a feel of how to open a door. Go inside. You'll find a table with a candle and a tinderbox on it. Grab the tinderbox. You can also try to experiment how to hold an object and rotating it. Try it on the chair just so you know how it works. When you're done experimenting in the room, it's time to go back out. From the room, turn right and head straight into the next area. It's a hallway with suits of armor. If you go near a suit of armor, you can actually pick up the helmet part for fun. There is a large door at the end but you can't open it. Follow the pink liquid trail on the ground into the next area. Whoa! a gust of wind blows open a door! On your left is a cabinet. Open it and you'll find another tinderbox. Now let's go inside the room that the wind blew open. Inside this room is a well lit area. You might want to check out the other objects that you can pick up and play around with them. Wine bottles break if you throw them. There's also a tinderbox on the table so grab it. Go back out of the room and continue forward. Near the liquid trail is another cabinet so open it. There's another tinderbox for you to take. Continue following the trail and go through the door. Move up the stairs and continue moving forward. Midway through the hall, you'll hear a very loud sound and fall over. After getting up, continue on your way and you'll find the next room where a cabinet has fallen over. Move forward and another door will open on its own. Before that, look to the right and you'll find a small dark room. Go in it and go to the end where a shelf is. Another tinderbox is there for the taking. Get out of the dark room and now go inside the room that opened on its own. Yikes! The lights suddenly died on their own! Get out of the room. To your right is a cabinet, open it. Too bad there's no tinderbox inside, but it's a good habit to open every cabinet you find anyway, in case a random spawn of tinderbox is in there. Continue to follow the trail which leads downstairs into the Old Archives. ------------ Old Archives ------------ Continue following the trail, and as you turn right, another gust of wind blows the lights out and another door opens. Enter the room and go down. In the middle shelf just in front of the water puddle are two tinderboxes, grab them. Get out of the room and continue following the liquid trail into the next room. *************************************************************************** !!!IMPORTANT!!! Inside this room, you'll find a lantern/oil lamp, which is one of your most important belongings in the game! Don't leave without it!!! *************************************************************************** Upon entering this room, another gust of wind blows. Follow the trail to the table and on the ground, you'll find a lantern. If you're facing the table, to the left is a chest. Open it. This is the first chest of the many that you can open throughout the game. A...